Dorrie Jacobson- Senior Style Bible - changing the face of aging at 81!

Who reinvents themselves at age 80?  Dorrie Jacobson that's who!  Dorrie is a woman who is embracing aging, a pro-ager.  She is leading the revolution to change the face of aging through her Senior Style Bible site which includes blogs, advice and lots of amazing fashion photos of Dorrie.  She uses Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to further reach women.  Dorrie’s mission is to create a forum that explores fashion, beauty, health, wellness, travel and dating for women over 60.  She was featured on the Huffington Post's '15 Women Over 50 Shaking Things Up In 2015!'Dorrie Jacobson is a retired Playboy Bunny, model, make-up artist and has become an expert on aging stylishly. Born in Philadelphia, has lived in Los Angeles and recently relocated to Las Vegas.With over 30,000 followers, Dorrie's, Senior Style Bible site has become an important resource for pro-aging women to be inspired to dress more modern in their fashion and celebrate their unmistakable allure . As Dorrie says, "times have changed, mature fashionistas are now refusing to sink from sight in a sea of blue rinse and fluffy slippers".Style mavens are taking the “old” out of “old-fashioned” and women over 60 are suddenly being chosen for major ad campaigns. In a youth oriented culture, the mature woman is finally being celebrated. The Senior Style Bible blog is embracing that celebration.IN HER OWN WORDSToday, at 80 years old, it is still a rare day when I am not stopped by a stranger complimenting me on my outfit, asking where they can buy something that I’m wearing, or inquiring into what brand of make-up I use. It is incredibly flattering to be noticed by complete strangers, male and female, of all ages. It reinforces my belief that style is much more than just what we wear, it’s an attitude.I’ve always been of the belief that as we get older, it’s important to have a signature style that is modern, fashionable and most importantly, still turn heads. My heart still skips a beat when I spy something I adore. If fashion has the power to do that, I’m happy to grow old, as long as I can do it looking great.At the urging of friends and strangers, I have launched this project so I can share my fashion and beauty secrets with mature women who want to look stylish and on trend. A lot of women are scared of aging, so I wanted to present images of women who continue to look and feel beautiful as they age. Beauty is ageless when worn with an air of confidence.Do yourself a favor, check out Dorrie on her website,, and be INSPIRED!