Celebrate the Gray

Celebrate The Gray is a company that offers styling and inspiration to the 50+ woman. Celebrate The Gray also offers consulting and models so brands/companies can authentically represent the 50+ woman. We are always looking for fabulous women aged 50-100+ to become a CTG model.

I have styled over 5,000 women and am passionate about fashion styling for the 50+ woman! I have been styling and helping women discover their fashion sense for the last 8 years, working as a stylist for Athleta and Stitch Fix. I started blogging about the 50+ woman and have built a strong following and community of like minded women who want to change the face of aging for women.

As a woman in her 50’s, I know how challenging it is to look modern, chic and comfortable. I am about styling, inspiring and helping you learn how to embrace your shape and modernized your style. I offer fashion styling, closet audits, personal shopping.  My client is the woman who is going through transition/change and wants an update.

Many women have given my fashion style sense and inspiration. My grandmother, who lived until 94, was a fashion maven and had the kind of wardrobe a girl dreams of - lots of sparkle, fur, flash and most of all personality. She lived during a time when women dressed – hats, bags, shoes, jewelryI learned from her to have fun with your fashion, wear color, lots of it! My 88 year old mom and my 76 year old mother-in-law, are amazing women who celebrate their age and keep on learning. They taught me to stay true to your style and be comfortable in your clothes. Comfort=confidence. And mostly importantly my 18 year old daughter, who came out of the womb with a true sense of self. She sets trends for her friends and is confident in her style. She gives the final verdict on many of my outfits.

I believe that being a woman in 2019 means not letting anyone define you. You Define You!

Let me help you shift your style and together we will change the face of aging for women.

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