Nancie, 63 - finds her niche!

One of my best friends from elementary school recently reached out to me because she wanted me to interview her sister, Nancie, for Celebrate The Gray.  This is the first phone interview I've done so I was nervous we wouldn't have the same connection as a face to face meeting, but I quickly realized that was not the case!nancie-pipgras-portrait-cropAge: At 63, Nancie says she is trying to "make peace with her middle" - maybe that should be the name of this blog!  She is not alone in this struggle, as I hear it almost everytime I interview someone.  So that lead to a discussion about fashion and the need for clothing to change as our bodies mature, not wanting to look dumpy or outlandish.  Nancie is looking for clothes that complement her shape and are made of good fabrics that can almost take care of themselves.  We both agreed that the fashion market is not paying attention to age demographics particularly to 60+ womanFashion: Nancie was raised by her grandmother, a force of nature, and her grandfather, the kindest soul on the face of the earth. Her grandmother instilled fashion value, buying quality vs quantity.IMG_6663Attitude: Life has had it's ups and downs for Nancie, battling cancer in 2006 only to have it return in 2007, today she is cancer free and healthy.  During her illness, she battled with identity and losing her hair. With the help of her long time stylist, Nancie shaved her head and embraced short and stylish hair!Passion: The purchase of a house in Sacramento lead Nancie to her passion in life.  When trying to redesign the entry of the new house, Nanci started researching mosaics for two architectural niches.  Her search online lead Nanci to create Mosaic Art NOW (MAN). MAN celebrates contemporary mosaics by bringing the art form’s most accomplished practitioners and most innovative thinking together  (, Facebook and Instagram.At 63, Nanci is living a life she never dreamed possible in Santa Rosa with her wonderful husband Frank and Wonder Doople (Standard Poodle) Cosmo. She is grateful for every day!Photos: Jade Targel Photography, Julie Richey