My mother, Marty Hussey!

I've known this incredible woman all my life. You can say she's my ultimate role model. She's my amazing mother, Marty Hussey. She is the reason I started Celebrate The Gray! She has always inspired me and I wanted to celebrate her. We have always been close...okay maybe not during my teen years!I recently asked her why she thinks she is doing so well at the young age of 85. She said "stay active"! She has always been active -- skiing in her youth and playing tennis most of her adult life. She has always looked younger than her age. I believe it is due to her love of nature and working in her garden. She has beyond a green thumb, bringing back orchids on a yearly basis. This is one trait that I did not inherit from her.She recently took 13 of us on a magical family trip to Italy. When hiking the stairways of Positano, I forgot that she is 85 because she easily kept up on our daily Italian outings. They say that when you meet a girl, look at her mother to figure out where she is headed. Well I guess you can say I'm headed to health and wellness. She is the backbone of our family and has always put others needs before hers but I am happy to say that she has a built a full and active life outside her family. She is an avid weekly mahjong player, frequents local music performances with friends, lunches and celebrates with her life long (friends since elementary school) "gabs" group, gardens and is planning a trip to NYC this April.She is embracing style and recently showed me her newest purchases -- a beautiful multicolor skirt, textured black top and chartreuse blazer! When most women are shying away from color she is embracing it and looking fabulous!I have always asked for her advice on everything from friendships, parenting and menopause (ugh) and over the last few years I have able to give some of that support back to her. I feel that I am getting close to being half the woman she is and in 30 more years, I may get a little closer but probably not.