Steph has my highest recommendation!  From creating a perfect outfit for special occasions to making the most of the items I had in my closet, she worked her magic to create a flattering, comfortable, and confidence-inspiring wardrobe. Steph can help you find your best look for the road to your success. The compliments started rolling in when began working with her - old friends exclaiming at how great I looked and new co-workers admiring my smart outfit. She advised me through my campaign for elected office, putting together outfits that conveyed competence and showed me in my best light for public events and photo sessions. Steph was the architect of my wardrobe transformation when I went from a conservative traditional office workplace to an ultra-hip tech company in hyper-growth. And she shared key wardrobe tricks for when I returned to the dating scene. I can't imagine dressing for a significant event or creating a new look without her!


I am a New Yorker and have been wearing black for most of my life. After one meeting with Stephanie, I discovered I look fantastic in color and I now know how to incorporate it into my wardrobe without looking like a peacock. I am also petite and from our meeting I learned how to dress my shape, learning how to balance my hips with my shoulders and create an hourglass shape even though I’m not an hourglass. I am more confident in my style and love the fact that I have color that works for me in my closet. Thank you Stephanie.


Stephanie’s stylish and practical approach to fashion, which does not depend on high-end clothing, helped me break out of my rut! Her assistance to purge clothing that no longer fit or was out of style or unflattering was the only way I could get it done. She is honest and supportive, encouraged me to love my body type and related styles to focus on or avoid, which was the key to purchase new clothing that I haven’t regretted buying. I will be using her services again because of a job change and a fresh perspective. After a session with Stephanie, I always feel good about myself and excited to go into my closet again.


Stephanie has been a great style consultant for me! She spend hours with me going through my packed closet to prioritize the items that work with my style and figure, find new combinations, and purge the unnecessary. I look forward to taking advantage of her keen eye with a shopping trip soon! I very much appreciate her approach to styling…It’s all about celebrating one’s unique, external and internal beauty.


Steph has reinvigorated my wardrobe and injected a shot of confidence and “feel good” into my days. She helped me identify my “office appropriate boho” look and taught me which styles would be best to show off my figure (instead of hiding it, like i usually do). She shopped my closet and put several outfits together that I never would have thought of. I took photos and posted them in my closet so i could use her guidance every day. She encouraged me to embrace more color and femininity and showed me how to do this while still looking professional. She made great recommendations for purchases that rounded out my wardrobe and helped me get more use out of some beautiful pieces i owned but wasn’t wearing often. Stephanie taught me so much and has truly enriched my life - dressing myself is actually fun now!